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High Voltage Power Supply

    How to  do: High Voltage Power Supply

This my tutorial on how to make HV power supply which you can use  for any of your projects including Lifters/Ioncrafts , Tesla Coli or any other 
scientific experiments requiring HV power supply. 

    This is the schematic which I will use in this project:

    It is easy to see on picture above which parts do you need to build it so I believe we dont need      parts list ,but what I want to add that all the components you can get for FREE
  if you have access to old TV or old electronic scrap which you can take a part.


I choose to etch my circuit board just because it look nice but you don't have to if you don't know how or you simply don't want to . Instead you can use wires and solder all together which will make the job whole easier .  

Now we get to part where we can put all components together ,as you can see on the begin I use short test wires/jump leads to make sure we have done every think as it should be.

Most important element of this High Voltage power supply is "flyback" which you can find in any old TV , this unit will work for us as High Voltage transformer and it can produce around 
 26,000 Volts :)

Now we have to just connect our circuit board with high voltage transformer and insert(if you want) it in nice box .Plastic or wooden will do just fine but you cant use any metal ones because that will make the whole job almost impossible and very danger and difficult. 

The bottom photo shown my HV power supply working and sparking :)

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