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"Spark Coil" Induction coil - restoration project.

My induction coil-restoration project

That's me and the Coil after restoration :)

This is one of the best "X-ray" pictures of induction coil ,showing the internal pars and the way parts was connected together,this can give you easy understanding of what is going on inside the coil!
Now you know what it is made of  so it will be much easer for you to understand the restoration project and what I did to make it good as new!

That's how the coil was look like when I got it ,I place 9V Duracell battery on the left conner so you can see how large the coil is :

Here are some more pictures of what need be repair and restore before the coil can spark again:

You can see that breaker-contractor needs a lot of attention before it can back to life I have to admit that it took me so many hours to fix it and then polish it to make as new .

Those few photos shown how badly bend was the cast iron but it was to risky to try to straighten it and I found later that it didn't affect the operation of the coil.

Broken bakelite pieces was easy to glue it back together in fact it went so well that it is difficult to see where the crack was.

That is the bottom of  my induction coil ,you can see that the leather and all stitches are in tact need no repairs . After resistance tests I find out that wiring on  both coils was just as new which make my restoration project much easer and much cheaper :) Just to give you example : to wound secondary coil we will need approximately few miles of very fine enamelled wire.  

Internal parts of my induction coil, in fact it is only one part :capacitor and few wires:

           That's few pictures before and after ,that was one of the most time consuming part of the project and it took me around 35h to make it high quality finish ,this job was involving:carpentry,varnishing,sanding etc:

                                         Manufactures plaque : Cox-Cavendish Electrical
                                                                              Maryleone High Street 

In my opinion they build it fantastic scientific instruments and for that reason I decide to restore manufactures plaque , it look almost same as new.

Here is one of the way to use your induction coil by connecting high voltage electrodes to Crookes tube and observe/study this wonderful phenomena.

Schematic of standard induction coil :

Some more photos from before and after the restoration:


My coil after restoration: 

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